Restaurant & Bar

Our 3 main restaurants and other three dining rooms are filled up to 800 guests and serves a variety of fresh seafood, Asian, Western cuisines as well as the mountainous North- West Vietnam specialties that is the differentiation of Mường Thanh Hospitality.

  • Nhan Son  Bar
    Nhan Son Bar

    Our bar is perfect places for you to enjoy the perfect cup of brewed coffee, tropical fruit blend, spirits, cocktails.


  • Lan Chau Bar
    Lan Chau Bar

    Celebrate your birthday or that special occasion for a memorable time with us at our lounge. 

  • VIP dining rooms
    VIP dining rooms

    Two exclusive and private VIP dining rooms are to be seen on special events and eventually everyday.

  • Xuan Huong Restaurant
    Xuan Huong Restaurant

    With ocean view and luxurious decorations, Xuân Hương Restaurant is an ideal place for wedding or gala.

  • Bien Ngoc Restaurant
    Bien Ngoc Restaurant

    Bien Ngoc restaurant is an ideal place for a party with friends and family.

  • Hon Ngu Restaurant
    Hon Ngu Restaurant

    The name “Hon Ngu” restaurant is inspired from the name of a romantic and isolated island of Cua Lo. 

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